Piston Engine Overhaul

Aircraft Finance Capital offers a wide selection of financing options up to 90% of the cost for engine overhauls and installation. Piston owners can decide on factory new, factory re-manufactured, factory overhauled, premium non factory overhaul facilities, or field overhauls.

Naturally prices for factory new engines will be significantly higher than the less desirable field overhaul (no name facilities which only replace necessary and required parts and return to service with prior used parts).

Note: Not all field overhauls are bad, however an A & P that just passed his certification with minimal experience, in his garage, can legally sign off an overhauled engine... think re-sale value and safety!

For a few more dollars which is usually insignificant when financed, you can get a quality overhaul by a nationally recognized facility or get manufacturer's factory options for a few more dollars. There are many choices?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.