An aircraft appraisal is not always a requirement at Aircraft Finance Capital as we do our own "in-house" valuation using the two major aviation reference guides (Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest and VREF - Blackbook) in addition to recent sales, comparable aircraft for sale listing reviews, and industry trends. The price guide books offer lenders a wealth of quality information but they indicate historical sales during the prior quarter (they each are printed and published quarterly).

As the economy has been fluctuating due to world events and changing economic conditions, prices for various makes and models have significantly fluctuated. Additionally there are maintenance issues... Airworthiness Directives, required and pending issues (Anyone out there own a C-421?), turbine aircraft inspections due, damage history, missing maintenance logs, prior foreign registration, engine T.B.O. issues, R.V.S.M. ...? the list goes on and on.

If you're a buyer... Why not have a professional determine the fair market value prior to closing? Two positive results come from an aircraft appraisal as a buyer: 1.) You find out you're "stealing" the aircraft or 2.) it's got major issues and you will want to re-negotiate the price or walk before you pay too much. Turbine buyers... Good idea to get an appraisal. Feel free to contact us at  Aircraft Finance Capital to review values based on what we call a "Desk Top Appraisal" for a general idea on what a specific aircraft may be worth.

It should be noted... exceptional aircraft with low total and/or engine times, excellent avionics, perfect record, "no stories" will always bring more money than those that need attention. We're here to offer you guidance and there's never a charge for our valuation consultations.