Message from KELLY BROWN


As passionate aviators, we are focused on providing exceptional customer service to facilitate the development of long term customer relations. By developing regional offices we are able to offer face to face fly in customer service within each territory. Aircraft Finance Capital offers loans for general aviation, corporate aircraft and commercial use aircraft for US based and International clientele, making us a “one stop” aviation finance source. In the development phase of our finance programs, we focused on you, the customer, and utilized information we received through personal interviews to customize our offerings. Also, in a greater effort to relate more fully with our clients, we require our Aircraft Loan Specialists to hold a pilot’s license as well as a State Certified Mortgage Brokers license which guarantees the specialist understands the industry from the consumer’s side as well as the lenders’ side.

Aircraft Finance Capital is excited by the opportunity to help you realize your aviation goals, whether it is financing the purchase of a new or previously owned aircraft or re-financing your existing aircraft to take advantage of lower rates, free up capital, or to upgrade your aircraft.

Finance rates are generally determined by the jet specifications as well as the buyer’s credit rating. These loan details will generally set base terms offered by competing lenders. There are, however, market demand fluctuations which may affect the aggressiveness of various lenders pricing and product availability. These conditions are constantly monitored by our finance specialists to ensure our customers are receiving the most competitive terms available in the marketplace. We intend to make the finance process as easy as possible by providing an on-line application and direct access to your finance specialist.

We strive to continue our unparalleled quality in customer service by keeping in constant contact with the aircraft brokers within our territories as well as our clientele to keep our fingers on the pulse of the marketplace. With your input, we will continue to evolve to the highest levels within our industry.

My door is always open for your comments. Please contact me at Aircraft Finance Capital or call me anytime at 772-223-9737.

Kelly Brown